Value that transcends
time and borders


Morita Aluminium Industry is a manufacturer whose operations span product design, mass production, marketing and branding strategy. We are dedicated to delivering well designed and carefully fabricated products to our customers.

Our process is entirely in-house; we design, manufacture and market our products ourselves, and take care to ensure our focus is always on creating products that people across the globe can use for generations to come. We isolate the lifestyle inconveniences that our customers have, and apply our expertise to bringing forth innovative products that address these needs.

Just as with popular music, there is diversity to product design in the same way there is diversity to songs of the world. Some may be international hits, some may be only known locally, some may be popular only for a short instant, and some may be enjoyed for centuries. Our aim is to create products that are as inspirational and as memorable as the classics, and that can be loved the world over.

The tubular pipe chair, the humble zipper, these are products that we take for granted, and yet upon reflection there is a moment when you realise the extent to which they have become dependable, timeless designs. We cherish the feeling that moment gives, and will strive to align the various arms of our operation toward bringing forth novel products that are lovingly created.

President and CEO
Kazunobu Morita