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aluminum parting floor molding

lightly snuggle up

The T-shape with 1mm cap connects tiles and flooring, and the edges are neatly tucked in.
Two installation methods are available depending on the site conditions.



Minimum T-shape
The T-shape, although only 4 mm in thickness, is designed to provide a cover and ease of installation. This is a new type of floor joint designed for both the resident and the installer.

Beautiful texture
Beautiful texture of aluminum. The matte anodized silver finish harmonizes with a variety of flooring materials regardless of color.

Instructions & Specifications



Product No. KED18-SL
Colour Silver
Size W4×T12.5×L1820mm

10moldings /case(18.2m)

※Please order by the number of cases, not by the number of moldings.

Marked price ¥19,800 /case
Material Aluminum
Appurtenance Spacer(t=2.3mm)×10

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