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Ceiling-mounted clothesline

The room is square. The windows are also square. So are clotheslines

The room is square. The windows are also square. So are clotheslines.
The "kacu" ceiling-mounted clothesline is a simple, permanent type of clothesline that eliminates irregularities to the utmost limit.
Walls, pillars, window frames, and other room components are mostly made of straight lines.
This clothesline is also made of straight lines. Its rounded design blends in with the room even when not in use.


Square clothesline in a square space

In a room composed of horizontal and vertical walls, ceiling, and window frames, a clothesline with a round cross section tends to look a bit floaty.

kacu uses 25 mm square pipes for the frame. Furthermore, the joints between frames and the wall-mounted brackets have a simple design with minimal irregularities, so it blends in with any room.



Flexible design for cutting and wall-mounted installation

kacu's frame is made of extruded aluminum, allowing it to be cut at the construction site. The height and width can be changed to suit the site conditions. (※Cutting is not possible up to 28 mm from the edge due to the mounting holes.)We can also cut it to the specified size for shipment.

The brackets can be mounted not only on the ceiling but also on the wall, so that the U-shaped set can be installed in an L-shape.









About product swaying

This product may sway back and forth within the dimensions shown in the illustration due to its structure.
Please be aware of this in advance. Please be aware of this beforehand.

If the product shakes significantly beyond the range shown in the figure, check the following inspection items,
Please check the following inspection items.
If the shaking does not improve after the inspection, there is a possibility that the product is defective.
If the shaking does not improve after inspection, please contact us.




Inspection items when the product is shaking

Check if the end of the vertical material is not floating from the bracket.
If it is, the product is defective.
Please contact us as soon as possible.

Retighten the screws near the ceiling that secure the bracket to the vertical timber.


Size Please refer to the drawing
Colours Black/White
Materials Aluminum extrusion mold material, alumite finish (main body)
Steel Painted and plated finish (bracket)
ASA resin, painted finish (joint))
価格 Type E-S size:\18,000(exclude tax)
E type-L size:\18,600(exclude tax)
E-shape - custom cut:\21,000(exclude tax)
U-shape-S size:\11,800(exclude tax)
U-shape - L size:\12,200(exclude tax)
U-shape - cut to order:\13,800(exclude tax)


About dimensions when cutting to order


If you wish to order cut to order, the maximum and minimum dimensions of T and W in the above figure are as shown in the table below.

  W H
Maximum Dimension 1430 953
Minimum Dimension 300 200



If you would like to place a size order, please download the PDF file below,
Please download the PDF file below, fill in the required information, and fax it to us.

(Note) Please be aware that there have been an increasing number of cases in which required sections are missing or incorrect size instructions are given.
Note: We are unable to accept orders from customers who have no direct business relationship with us.


kacu  Dimensioning Instructions.pdf (for vendors)   DOWNLOAD

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