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Interior handrail, atrium, staircase

Careful Line

Alute is an aluminum handrail for both staircases and stairwells. The plain finish of the delivery of each individual part is a feature that sets Alute apart from other mass-produced products with its well-honed design.



Aiming for the appearance of a handrail

Alute is a mass-produced handrail, but it was developed to have the plain appearance of a steel handrail, without the fussiness of an industrial product. By eliminating all unnecessary elements down to the smallest detail, the railing, the support columns, and the middle rests all exist as if they were "carefully drawn lines". The circular shade tree has a comfortable 35mm diameter when held in the hand.



Ease of installation with adjustable angles on site

The sliding mechanism of the shade rail and middle pier allows the position and angle to be freely adjusted onsite. Therefore, detailed measurements are not required before placing an order, and installation can be done while making adjustments on site.
Once the installation points are determined in the temporary assembly state, they are simply fixed with screws after drilling holes, eliminating the need to cut aluminum members on site. In addition, the watermark at the foot of the staircase absorbs any unevenness (dimensional error), so there is no trace of on-site adjustment during construction.



Affinity by Series

By using both the pillar type and wall-mount type Alute in the same space, you can maximize the synergy effect of creating a sense of unity and affinity that only a product series with the same design context can bring out.




Size Please refer to the drawing
Colour Black

Aluminum extrusion mold material, anodized finish (body)

Steel painted finish (bracket)

Stainless Steel Cutting (support hardware)

Price Please refer to PDF catalog

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