Product Information


Ultra-small aluminum baseboard

Quiet Presence

"albase" is a baseboard with a height of only 12mm. Therefore, when you look at the entire room, you'll experience a sensation as if you've forgotten about the presence of the baseboard. Additionally, despite its minimal height of 12mm, it still provides protection to the walls from impacts such as those from vacuum cleaners.


unassuming design

Traditional baseboards have adequately served their purpose of protecting walls, but they haven't received much attention in terms of design. The unassuming design aimed for by albase ensures that it neatly complements the walls of various spaces, such as living rooms and entrances.



A method for naturally blending into the wall

Unlike traditional baseboards, albase is secured to the flooring before attaching the plasterboard. After securing it, the plasterboard is placed on top of the albase. This method prevents the baseboard from floating above the floor.



Size H 12 mm x D 16.9 mm    L 1800mm、3600mm
Materials Aluminum extruded material with an anodized finish
Price Please refer to the PDF catalog

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