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Privacy Screen

Louver screen allowing light and air to pass through.

While protecting the privacy of one's home, it's also important to ensure that neighbors can live comfortably. In addition to the privacy function that blocks visibility, it's essential to maintain openness that allows for light and airflow to neighboring areas. 'Airy' is a balanced louver screen that achieves both of these functions

Durable Clear Material

Airy is a screen made of semi-transparent louvers, which provide privacy while ensuring light and airflow for both the inside and outside of the property. The louver material is made of polycarbonate, which is not only impact-resistant but also highly safe, with self-extinguishing properties (the fire naturally extinguishes when the source is removed).


Airy is tailored to each individual point, allowing for installations that match the form of the building and the needs of the customer.
It is not only appreciated as a boundary fence but also as a facade of the building for this reason.


Size Please refer to the PDF catalog
Materials Aluminum extruded material with an anodized finish(Frame, Pillar)
Polycarbonate (louvers)
Price Please refer to the PDF catalog

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