Product Information

STOK laundry

Retractable washing line

Gentle and sensuous texture at the corner in tiny space.

STOK laundry is a detachable washing line comfortably from wall-mounted rails.
It features an one movement system to release from rails and rewind the line so that it allows you to equip them quickly when you need to use. Moreover the rails can be used as hooks when main bodies are not in use.



Proper functions & proportions

STOK laundry was designed for using in tiny space where clothes can be hung for drying. 
The one movement system, patent pending structure of releasing from the rails and rewinding the line at the same time, was equiped into a palm size. Thanks to it, it brings tiny space comfortable and tidy life.




Engineered for tiny space

Taking full advantage of the tiny space is much meaningful for housework.
STOK laundry can be installed maximum angle of 60 degrees diagonally, so that it allows you to use them at the corner where tend to become wasted spot.





Practical thoroughly

Wall-mounted rails were designed for not only "STOK laundry", but also for usual usage as a hook which can be hung hangers, towels, and other small objects.





Proper form and texture.

The soap-like shaped main units features the seamless and sensuous design that are gentle on your hand, as well as it is suitable design to be placed at usual places.






Got a honour

STOK laundry won iF DESIGN AWARD 2016.


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Regulation for the angle instalation

Please install both units so that it makes less than 60 degrees from the centre line of the unit.



Main:W 42 mm x H 78 mm x D 76 mm

Hook:W 42 mm x H 78 mm x D 50 mm

Rail:W 56 mm x H 57 mm x D 40 mm



Line:Reinforced fibre


Max length 2.0 m
Max loads 5 kg



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